Are you getting by with the documents you've created but have a nagging feeling that they could be more streamlined?

Nancy has supported a wide variety of client projects and can help you identify ways to use Microsoft Office more efficiently and save time. 

She can either take the project off your hands, or work side-by-side with you to get the job done. 

You'll receive support at your level of expertise — whether you’re a computer novice, or technically savvy.

Connect with your audience

  • Today audiences expect more than a slide show of bullet points. We can help you fine-tune your script and develop presentations that engage audiences and get your point across.
  • Simplify your text so the audience listens to you instead of reading your slides
  • Replace bullet points with photos and graphics that visually depict information
  • Focus audience attention with progressive builds and custom animations
  • Unfold complex ideas with multimedia elements, video and audio clips
  • Control the delivery and pace of your presentations with hyperlinks and branching

See before & after examples for improving your PowerPoint slides

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