Powerpoint Presentations

Clients who've worked with PowerPoint for years are often surprised to learn its full power and flexibility. We will ask you all the right questions and do what it takes to ensure maximum success.

Custom Templates 

  • We'll take you beyond the built-in templates by creating a custom set that reflects your organization’s branding. We can also set up custom templates in MSWord.

Animation & Multimedia 

  • We can add progressive builds to emphasize important information, animate your unique graphic elements or incorporate sounds and video to add interest to your slides. An interactive trainng presentation could include branching from a main menu, with video tutorials, quizzes and other features.

Built-in Time Flexibility 

  • Do you need full control over your presentation delivery? If your 60-minute speech also needs to work in a 30-minute slot, we can create a “presentation dashboard” allowing you to present a little or a lot of information based on the time actually available for your talk.

PowerPoint Makeovers 

  • If you already have a presentation, we will review it with you and recommend changes, adding that extra polish and touch of professionalism at every click.

Other Design Services 

  • What will your presentation look like when it’s printed? Do you want footers and headers on your handouts? Do you want your projector and printer color-corrected? We test colors on your projector and printer, create color schemes and adjust for grayscale printing.
Image Powerpoint Presentations

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