Group Training

  • Private on-site classes for your organization in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint & Word
  • Standard lesson plans and workbooks, or custom classes tailored to your needs
  • Brief "refresher" sessions on specific topics of your choice 

Independent study as an alternative to class

  • Meet with Nancy for an initial coaching session 
  • Followed up by review coaching sessions as needed 
  • Practice on your own with step-by-step workbooks, or your own work project 
  • Refer back to step-by-step video clips recorded by Nancy

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  • We offer private, on-site training for your organization and can customize the lesson plans for your specific needs.

    • Do you jump back and forth between spreadsheets to match formatting and update information?
    • Are you able to build formulas that link between sheets and calculate correctly as you copy them across and down your spreadsheet?
    • Did someone else create your spreadsheet, and you are afraid of messing up the formulas and formatting?
    • Does a macro perform calculations for you, but you have no idea what the code actually does?
    • Do you use your calculator while working on spreadsheets? Chances are you're not using Excel to it's fullest capability.
    • Do you take advantage of Excel's functions like IF, Lookup, Offset, Indirect, etc.?
    • Do you let Excel filter, pivot and chart your data?

    If you have questions about this, let's talk. Click Contact Us to have Nancy get in touch with you.

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